The governments of the world have endorsed evolution theory in all their learning institutions while removing creationism, what happens when God shows the ten commandments which contains the claim that He created the planet in six days? And how important is creationism in the end time conflict? On this specific topic it will be God against the governments, schools, scientists and leaders in the world.

For nearly 6000 years the earth had been religious with a concept of a divinity that had made everything into existence. They did, however, argue who God was and there were plenty of different ideas of God and gods. The Judean Christian world had stayed true to the Creation story recorded in the book of Genesis. Islam also had a similar creation view.
But in the late 1700s, the world would see a dramatic shift. The idea of there being no God at all swept over the communities of philosophers and worldly-wise men of their day. The more the idea was played with, the more bravery they themselves got in going against established religion, against corrupt church institutions and finally, it blossomed during the French revolution. You could say they were right that religion had caused a lot of strife and suppression, and they were searching for new answers. Bibles were burnt, Christians heavily persecuted.
What the French hadn’t done, which many other north European countries had, was to reject corrupt religious authority to seek out the true one by making the Bible an every-mans property. The Catholic church had long angered people, and many chose to use the Bible to battle the controlling system.

The St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in France (1572) quenched the christian reform movements and made the way for the rise of atheism instead.

France, however, had remained loyal to the church through their monarchy and aided the Church in battling the reform movement in the cruelest ways, they killed and outcasted protestants in great numbers. However, the state had failed to see that people, in general, was sick of both church dominance as well as their leadership. This lead to France getting its own rebellion. The people were fed up with both church and state. During the revolution, they decided to rid themselves of religion altogether rather reforming it. France was the first known State in the western world to denounce the existence of God in their constitution. They set up a Goddess of Reason, to represent man’s reason, claiming they worshipped reason rather than religion. The highest intelligence on the planet was regarded as the human mind. Atheism was reasonable, Christianity and religion absurd and ridiculous. Atheism had been subdued and the cause of ridicule, few who professed it had success, but this changed in the time leading up to the French revolution and onward. Their ideas, that reason and religion were incompatible, spread far and wide and inspired the atheist movements that were about to conquer the entire world.

Worshiping the personification of reason.
Carrying the personification of “reason” through the streets of Paris.

God had foreseen this beforehand. Nothing is a surprise to God. He says: «Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done» (Isa.46,9-10)

God predicted the atheist movement and how global it would be several places in the Bible.
One of the places is towards the end of Daniel chapter 11 speaking of a king who rose abouve any god and rejected the god of their fathers.

And in the book of Revelation 14 we learn that God would send three messages before Christ second coming. The first angel proclaimed:

«Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.» (v.7)

Why would to worship God as the Creator be so important right before Christ second coming? Because God as Creator would be rejected globally at this time prior to His coming. God knew

Special message to the last church

The seven churches in Revelation were seven existing churches at the time of John, but they also most likely refer to seven churches in time from the time of John and until Christ second coming, as the pattern is other places like in the book of Daniel and several places in Revelation where the number seven represents a sequence of events in time. Notice that to every one of the churches Christ is described in a way that is fitting for the situation the churches face at that time. To the the first it says: «These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks;» Talking about Christ being especially magnified in the first church.
To the second it says: «These things saith the first and the last, which was dead, and is alive».

Especially fitting as a reminder to the many Christians who at this time suffered martyrdom.
To the third it says: «These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges» Now the Bible says that the sword is a metaphor for God’s word, meaning this church needed to use scripture to combat the false teachings entering the churches at that time. And historically that is what happened after the persecution ended and the Christians got acceptance, false teachings and corruption entered the churches instead. I’m not going into detail of all the churches, but I mentioned these to help see how the things said are related.
To the fourth, it says: «These things saith the Son of God, who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet are like fine brass»
To the fifth church, it says: «These things saith he that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars»
Now there is no doubt that each description describes Jesus Christ. In the messages to the churches, there are seven different descriptions of Jesus.
To the sixth angel: «These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth»
Now to the point we are here making. What I want you to notice is how Jesus is described to the last church, the seventh church:
«These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God»
Now let me remind you of John 1,1-3 speaking of Jesus: «In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.» Jesus as our creator.

The last church is told again to remember the Creation story. Why? Because this church would have to defend and re-accept this truth in order to keep the faith. Not just this church, the message was according to Revelation 14 to go out to all the world.
So what you can see, is how important it is to God not only to recognize Him as Creator in the end but also Christ part in the Creation, He is the one who made everything. And because His hand formed mankind in the beginning, His redemption of man was accepted.

The Battle Begins

What we are about to see is how God brought this very message at the same time as the predominant atheist missionaries- so to speak, worked and how God’s message was rejected and that of the contra part accepted by the entire world. But we will see that the truth was given, these last messages to the churches and to the world and how man chose the lie.

Christians seemed content with the truth they had and didn’t want to change traditions or views, but they didn’t know what lied ahead. God saw where the world was heading at fast speed and therefore calculated the time for the first angel’s message.
He stirred up a great awakening in the USA. And one of the Baptist preachers made a stir when he predicted Christ second coming- and while all this took place people started to examine themselves opening up to them not being where they should be.
In order to combat the rejection of the Creation story, the memorial of the Creation, the biblical Sabbath, had to be restored. The command said, Because God created the world, therefore, we have to keep the memorial of it.
A Baptist woman approached the men preparing for what they thought was Christ second coming, telling them to study the topic of the Sabbath. This lady did not know it, but she was about to inspire a greater movement advocating God’s law and Sabbath.

Let’s look at the timeline, and we can only deal with a few of the people involved at both sides, or this seminar would last too long. The baptist creating the stir was called W. Miller, he was born in 1782, the French revolution that gave bravery to the atheist movement was between 1789-1799. Before that was the age called the age of enlightenment. In 1809 Charles Darwin was born. And another I want to mention at this seminar, Karl Marx was born in 1818.
Now, why do I bring in Karl Marx? He is described as one of the most influential figures in human history, but he also did a great deal to influence modern socialism that today fight against the Christian conscience.

In 1789 George Washington becomes the first president of the United States. Napoleon takes around this time the pope into captivity marking the end of his dominance in Europe.
Now it was during the war with England that Miller sought answers in the Bible, although he was part of an agnostic movement. But W. Miller is convinced Christ is going to come soon based on a prophecy and in 1831 he speaks publicly for the time. This would be the start of a stir that would eventually lead many people into returning to God’s original sabbath as a memorial of creation. But another movement would get its key card at the same time. The same year, 1831 Charles Darwin enters a ship and starts the journey that would later work as the inspiration of his evolution theory. And already in 1836 Charles returns as a celebrity among scientists because of his journey and work in connection with that journey.
Darwin’s influence rose early on. The world was thirsting for an alternative explanation for the existence of things that did not involve a deity, so they could finally remove religion. And Darwin presented just that.
* Darwin became as a young man part of the elite of science
* He is taken part of the council of the Geological society
* He got donated 1000 pound (about 90 000 pounds today) for working on his assignment «Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S Beagle. Now few can boast of starting their career the way he did.
* When visiting a zoo in 1938 he saw an orangutang and notice similarities with humans. And he also studied the book by Malthus: «An Essay on the Principle of Population».
* He watched how farmers selected their stock and started philosophizing if maybe nature has done a «natural selection» as well.

The battle has started for this last time period of planet earth. Karl Marx, not as fortunate as Darwin also studies and concludes that theology has to be subdued when meeting, in his opinion, the more superior philosophy.
But at the same time, in the USA, Miller’s claim of Christ second coming has created this great stir reaching not only in the States but in many places in the world. Some independent of Miller have come to similar conclusions in others part of the world and they to call for a spiritual awakening.
In 1844, a man named F. Wheeler accepts the sabbath after his meeting with a eager Baptist woman, named Miss Oakes, and he speaks of the importance of re-accepting this memorial and weekly witness of God as Creator. And how important it was to protect it and the meaning of it.
At the same time, Darwin share his writings on changes from one species to another in January 1844.
Another who finished a part of his work the fall of 1844 was Karl Marx. He presented ideas of how a society can function and be structured without a belifsystem in God. Most moral and compassion came becouse of the religious moral belief, but Marx saw a system where a community state could furfill these needs instead. The organized community leadership could replace God and legislation to replace inner spiritual concience and moral. Although his ideas was that the community would own it’s community together, put into practice, the community state would just be a state with even more power over people than before. Like Vladimir Lenin said many years later building a society inspired by Marx: «Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism» (Lenin, V. I. (2007). Religion. READ BOOKS. p. 5. ISBN 9781408633205)

Most of the Christian who had hoped for an imminent second coming had no time to worry about any sabbath and first rejected the calling to keep it. But when they were disappointed that their expectations didn’t happen within the time they thought, many of them humbled themselves and started to re-examine their faith and the Bible. This group was convinced that the original biblical Sabbath was not only still valid, but extremely important in the end days. Some claimed they received visions from God where the fourth commandment was highlighted with beams of light, and God as Creator magnified. They saw the first angels message proclaiming to worship God as Creator, and according to God Himself, there was only one way to worship and honor Him as just that, the Creator, it was written in the law, and it was respecting the creation-Sabbath. It was God’s own chosen means.
So they started preaching to the world that man needed to go back to the Sabbath as a memorial of Creation and as an honor to the Creator. They realized that if God was not the creator of the planet and if He had lied in the fourth commandment:
1. He had no right to the planet
2. He had no right to judge the planet
3. He had no right to re-claim it.

Sabbath, therefore, became a powerful symbol to uplift God has all these things. The owner of the planet, the judge and His rights to reclaim it. It was not a symbol that was man-made or by man’s ideas, it was God who had elected this as His symbol of these things, and the movement just made that fact re-known.

God as a judge is tied to His ownership of the Planet, that He is the Creator. And He cannot be honored as judge or Creator if His law is disrespected. God, therefore, called on Christians to go back to His law and respect His authority and mark as Creator, the Sabbath, to show that we stand on God’s side in the last conflict. And it was all in preparation for Christ second coming just like Revelation 14 said. It was a forerunner message to prepare the way of God’s judgment and Christ coming as king in the heavens.
How would the world respond?

Between 1844 and 1847 the Sabbath is eagerly accepted by more and more people and they start eagerly to preach it to the world, this symbol of Gods kingship. They traveled all over. But most Christian congregation saw no light in it. They saw God’s law as legalism, while their own religious laws were called freedom. They were happy with continuing sanctifying Sunday, a sabbath instituted by the Catholic Church during the Roman imperium rather instituted by God. Although demotivated by the response, people, even children, in many countries in the world were proclaiming the need to turn to God’s original law.
At the same time, Darwin gives out his third geological work.
Between 1848 and 1852 Karl Marx writes a work on the French Revolution and seek to recruit people to his ideas that are inspired by these movements.
And this all takes place while all these people all over the world preach the first angel’s message to honor God as Creator by God’s chosen means. In 1857 Darwin adds to his work that his theory also includes the human species, we too have developed and are not created. In 1858 a female prophet of the Adventists who had accepted the Sabbath gets a vision of the great conflict between Satan and God. This movement was perhaps one of the most dominant of all that went back to God’s original ten commandments and count nearly 20 million today, and a large part accepted the Sabbath because of these visions of the end conflicts. Because of the memorial of the Sabbath, they still view the creation story as a historical fact. Whatever we may think of her and this movement, they did a great work in enlightening the world on the validity of God’s original law.
God knew, as shown in the Bible, in what direction the world was heading and He was working with everyone He could to change the direction before it was too late. But God, as always, gives man the opportunity to choose.
In 1859 Darwins work «the origin of spieces» comes out in bookstores. And the American civil war begins around the same time for other reasons.
The result of the awakening back to God’s law was that many rejected the non-biblical traditions, rules and regulations of the churches. They believed the cure was to go back to the loving God of the Bible and loyalty to Him only.
But most denominations, churches and Christians actually rejects the call of this first angel, and refuse to change back to original Christianity as seen in the Bible. They want to continue church traditions instead and feel safety in that.
But the truth was out there. They had gotten a choice. The message of accepting the Sabbath and God’s original law spread even to small islands in the Pacific Ocean, meanwhile, the theory of evolution was spreading too.

I am sure, that just as angels saw how uninterested the leaders and priests of Jerusalem was when hearing that the Messiah was born, how odd they would find that so few went to look for Baby Jesus, the same angels now saw the world get a calling and those who were supposed to be God’s people, rejecting that calling to continue with religious traditions instead.
Those claiming to follow God and Jesus refuse to acknowledge God’s law and sign of authority.
Not knowing the danger that lied ahead.
In 1881 one of those great pioneer preachers dedicating their life telling people to turn back to God’s law died, the year after Darwin died and the year after that Marx dies. But the two latter, their influence was in no way dead. Their influence would become worldwide.
But God had not given up.

In 1882 General Gordon started excavating close by where we know today the Ark of the Covenant was hidden, he had even received a revelation that the Ark was there. But he was killed in a conflict shortly after. The Ark remained hidden. Why had God stopped the events?

The Battle intensifies and one becomes dominant

In 1888 the people trying to reach out with the importance of going back to God’s law ended up not listening to God in how the work was to proceed. And instead of teaming up, receiving wisdom and strength from God to enlighten the whole world, the movement started to fade its light. The movement had no way of knowing how their failure to connect with God’s power and be filled with the Spirit at that crucial time in earth’s history would be the strength of success for the other competing movement.
Six months later after the failed meeting where they could not agree as to how to proceed, Adolph Hitler was born in a small town in Austria. A man who would mix evolution ideas with national socialism. Ernst Hanfstaengl, a friend from his early days in politics, says Hitler “was to all intents and purposes an atheist by the time I got to know him” He was called irreligious but did not eliminate Christianity in total, just the idea of a divine Christ, the old testament and such. It was still too early to declare atheism without people becoming rebellious. Hitler was strongly against God’s commandments as they were written in the Old Testament. He was the fruit of atheistic movements in Europe but also the fruit of Christians who had refused to reform back to God’s law. And the fruit was utterly rotten in it’s worst manifestation.
The consequence of the Sabbath-movement calling for people to honor God

Thomas Edison invents the Kinetograph, the first moving picture publicly exhibited in 1891.

as Creator was losing strength, and this proved fatal. Two years after they failed to receive power from God to reach out, Cinema was invented, an invention that would help spread on a massive scale the evolution theory, advocate the breaking of God’s commandments as a good thing and keep people from being interested in Spiritual things. The Battle was now getting even more difficult.
In 1914 world war 1 starts.

Meanwhile, up until this war, what was now suddenly spreading fast instead of God’s messages, was the theory of evolution and even the theories of Karl Marx and men who shared their viewpoints and added and made adjustments to their work.
The battle of the school systems was now the next agenda.
Creation was first rapidly replaced with ’science theories’ that undermined the idea of creation and a creator God. Some Schools in different states tried to resist and saw where things were heading. But the constitution that initially had been written to protect believers where now to be used against them to the advancement of atheism. First, both creation and evolution were taught in Schools. But the movement that wanted to remove God was not happy with it, they wanted Creationism out completely.

One example is when the Tennessee Supreme Court decided that evolution-theory did not go against the constitution as it couldn’t be called a religion but rather a scientific theory. So it was welcome in learning facilities. But creationism was claimed to be unconstitutional because it did belong to a religion, the Bible. From around these times, creationism was destined to lose the battle. If one was regarded constitutional and the other regarded unconstitutional then one would win over the other in all the schools and public facilities. And that is exactly what happened, not only in America but in the entire world.
Evolution was seen as a scientific theory and just that. It was seen as unbiased and not related to a belief system, even though it was just a theory that could not be physically proven any more than creationism could.
The teaching of a Creator God was viewed as a religious theory and therefore provocative. By the definition that there is no God, creationism was claimed to be a lie.
Today most countries in the world present the theory of evolution as a scientific fact by the state government who is in charge of teaching facilities. When the States and Governments in the world difference the two, Creationism and Evolution in that way, the government is responsible for the rejection of God by legislation and law.
This means, in consequence, that the French revolution was the first western country to reject God in their constitution, but not the last. All these other countries have followed in displaying an atheist government by this very act of allowing the theory of atheism to be taught as a fact and reason and the belief in the Bible a myth.

What about Marx, who was also inspired by the fresh revolution and the rejection of a God, who’s philosophy suggested the perfect society where no God or religious conscience was needed? People and groups that have themselves claimed to be inspired in some way by his work includes:
The Russian revolution
Vladimir Lenin
Mao Zedong
Fidel Castro
Salvador Allende
Josip Broz Tito
Kwame Nkrumah
Jawaharlal Nehru
Nelson Mandela
Xi Jinping
Jean-Claude Juncker
Thomas Sankara

In addition many others:
«Many intellectuals, labor unions, artists and political parties worldwide have been influenced by Marx’s work, with many modifying or adapting his ideas. Marx is typically cited as one of the principal architects of modern social science.» (Wikipedia)

Darwin’s influence is not to be questioned. He started something, his theories were added to and continued, and now is what most students in the world are taught from a young age.
All nature programs showing creation hammers in the millions of years this earth has existed. It’s hardly possible to view a single program sharing the details and beauty of the planet, the universe, and planets without being told how it all evolved and came into existence without a God. Every commercial channel advance this view, every school, almost every government.

Atheists had a long time desired to get people to not believe in a God without great success, for mankind could not see how this world came to be without one. There was no other explanation of origin offered.
Darwin presented that longed desired theory that could eliminate God completely. And they went for it even though the theory itself could not be scientifically observed. It was guesswork, interpretation of evidence but not evidence itself. There was no observable evidence of how the planet came to be or any changes from one species to another. The dating was a highly unstable method and usually, new “finds” were explained into a framework they had already constructed. If anyone didn’t cooperate with this framework they got the boot. And everything that they couldn’t make fit they ignored and hid instead of disposing of their set framework. Everything from that time was forced into that framework or you would lose your profession as a scientist, geologist and so on.

God continues to battle the misinformation

But God was not done battling for people’s attention and to get the calling of that first angel out. He would not let them only be presented with the lie. They were to know the truth if they wanted. He did not abandon His people to question their faith without an intervention.
As the theory of evolution grew, the faith in the Bible was crumbling. Atheists had claimed the Bible was all mythology and made up stories that could be safely ignored.
It was a book that could not be trusted. In this way, they increased their success.
So God instigated the interest for archeology and inspired people to the Middle East. Here one Biblical city after the other was discovered, from Egypt to Palestine to Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq and so on.
Remains, inscriptions all showing the Bibles accuracy and credibility as a historical source.
From the Egyptian empire to Babylon, to Nineveh and many other places.
Even inscriptions showing the names of kings in Israel. It became evident that the Bible was a historical book and not fiction.
Most of the cities mentioned in the Bible was discovered one by one: Eglon, Gath, Libnah, Mareshah, Gezer, Megiddo, Galilee settlements, Shechem, Samaria, Beth Shemesh, Beth Shean, Lachish, Jaffa, Jericho, Hazor, Gibeon, City of David along with Jerusalem, Arad, Ashdod, Gezer, Beersheba, Aroer, Timnah, Ai, Ekron and many others. There was no doubt about the realness of the Bible and the people mentioned there. These were real evidence.

All the tribes and countries of those days were proven as a fact and that they did exist. They discovered evidence of the people mentioned in the Bible such as Hittites, Canaanites, Moabites, Midianites, The Assyrians, and many others. Not only that but discoveries and inscriptions showed that the religious practice of the people mentioned in the Bible actually was accurate.

Assyrian inscription found showing a king of Israel called Jehu bowing before the Assyrian king. King Jehu is mentioned in the Bible.

And while the scientists dismissed the Bible and were working hard to eliminate Christianity and Judaism, at the same time God proved to the world that the Bible was not fiction. No evidence dug up in the Middle East proved the Bible wrong, it only confirmed the reality it described. The honest atheist’s scientists had to admit the bible did actually contain real historical material. This was a temporary set back that inspired many Christians to keep their faith after all. However, they claimed, creation was false, the parts with God is false, even if most of the places, people and events took place.
It was now visible how little blurry “evidence” they needed to believe in humans developing from animals and no matter how overwhelming concrete evidence they saw of the credibility of the Bible they still would not believe. This was not about evidence but about what they wanted the truth to be. In their opinion, the existence of God was wrong by default and so no evidence could prove otherwise even if it existed.

Other critics undermined the Bible by saying that it was ridiculous to trust such a book. Some said it had probebly been changed or that it wasn’t as old as they thought.
But God would not let these accusations stand uncorrected.

God had a shepherd boy in what was then known as Palestine throw a rock and hit a pot. Inside was an old biblical manuscript, around 2000 years old. The whole erea contained ancient scrolls with biblical text showing the bible had not changed.

One of many caves where the ancient scrolls was found hidden
The Psalms Scroll (11Q5), one of the 981 texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls

So the world had to admit, the Bible talked of real events, real places, real religions, and that it hadn’t changed over the course of time they thought it had. They still would not move. Their confidence in the world going through an evolution of species was so strong, they refused this evidence pointing to there being a God.

The world had now seen two world wars, and the result of teaching children from a learning institution that this world was not created by a God was starting to have it’s desired effect. The youth no longer feared God. There was no coming judgment, you could do as you please. And they did. People were leaving the churches in large numbers. The moral decline the French revolution had seen after burning the Bibles and declaring “reason above God” was now coming to the rest of the western world. And Satan knows the recipe. In order to get liberal thinking you first need unloving conservative thinking without foundation. The fifties gave that, strict religious moral, female suppression roles, the teachings of evolution, and the sixties was the result or the seed planted in the fifties.
Removing the Creation story of a supreme God with ownership of the planet, a judge, left the train to continue its course in making reason and the belief in a God incompatible. The train would not go back again it was going in full speed.
And although a lot of evidence had surfaced on the Bibles credibility, God had still not provided testimony to the world that not only were the cities and people in the Bible real places and people, He was real too.
The non-believers mocked that there was no evidence of the miracle stories in the Bible, the stories that could not have happened without a God, or something supernatural.
But as we have seen before, God would not even give them that argument or excuse. The next God would do was prove the miracles and His judgments were real too.
Just like God did before, He now encouraging one man to go look for evidence of the miracle stories. And what better way and contrast to the earlier archeological work done that showed the historical stories but not the miracles to chose one man to tell of the miracles. God wanted Ron Wyatt’s story on proving the miracles to be a miracle itself, as God is a living God not only performing miracles in the past but also today. And so one man was enough for God to do this. We see God doing the same with the army of Gideon. He refuses to let them go into the war with too many people saying the people would just end up honoring the army. But if God forced them to go low in number He would get the credit and it would be viewed as a the miracle it was. Now that the time had come to prove the miracles and that God is the judge over mankind, He would do it by a miracle.
God chose Ron Wyatt, a commandment and sabbath keeping Christian who he inspires to go first to look for Noah’s ark.

The miracle stories started being confirmed one by one. The remains of Noah’s ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, The exodus route, Israel crossing the Red Sea, the waters coming miraculously out of rocks giving water to the Israelites in the desert, Mount Sinai with its black peak. This time the Bible critics could not endure it any longer. It completely crashed with their last excuses after the defeat of admitting the Bible was a historical account but that the miracles stories were made up. If these discoveries were true and real, so were God or at least something supernatural. The framework of the atheist movement would not tolerate it. They now dominated teaching facilities and important titles. And with this power to boast of, they decided the discoveries had to be a hoax. There were no other options. Any evidence could not be regarded as evidence. It was false by default. They could not accept them as they had with biblical mentioned cities, people and religion. They permitted historians and archeologists to call it history as long as the God-part and the creation story was disregarded.

If they admitted these discoveries were real they had to give up on everything they stood for. And so they dismissed it. While ridiculing it, many Christians saw and noticed and decided to ridicule it as well. They were, after all, depended on learning facilities to not just get their education but if they inspired to have a job in the “real world” they could not confess to believe in such stories. And the majority of even Christians rejected it. They wanted it to be just about faith, not evidence. In that way, the world was satisfied with them and they would continue to be tolerated.
Men with academic titles, pastors, priests, webpages all attacked the stories proving the miracle stories in the Bible was true as well. All evidence was disregarded. Even if more evidence of these stories were presented than for human evolution. No evidence was to be accepted or even taken seriously. The world rejected God’s message and messenger once again.

Ron Wyatt told that there was one last final evidence that God would bring out, but that God had ordered him to wait with showing it. While waiting God was accomplishing something great. By providing no evidence they could mock they were instead claiming Ron had lied. In this way God could gather up all of them to put their good name and credibility to the story being false only for God to one day show everyone how they had lied. By waiting God can accomplish these two things, show the world who He is and expose the false teachers at the same time. What is this final evidence?

The earthly throne of God, the Ark of the Covenant, containing the law of God, the very law where God claims He CREATED THE WORLD in Six days and rested the seventh. The throne with the evidence of the redemption, the blood of Jesus Christ on the mercy seat. Blood having no chromosomes from an earthly father.
Ron Wyatt said God will show both the blood and the law at the very end. Then people will get one final chance to choose. He had now sent messengers upon messengers to prepare the way of the Lord. He had provided His children with enough light and evidence to not be fooled by the atheistic world view. Now one final call remained. If the world rejected even this, there will be nothing more God can do. They have chosen their fate while knowing the truth.

Meanwhile, the theory of evolution had long hit the churches as well as the world educational systems. Having rejected the seal of Creation, the sabbath commandment, they saw no ancher to hold on to the creation story as it was written. Also holding on to it meant being viewed as fundamentalists by the non-believers, and being rejected by the worldly that they so desired acknowledgment from. While churches that had accepted the Sabbath memorial did remain faithful to the Genesis story.
The other churches who had rejected God’s Sabbath seal decided the theory of evolution was so convincing that in order to fit in with society they decided that they believed in God but that the theory of evolution was true as well. They accepted both even though one theory called God a liar.
Following are some of the churches that have admitted to compromising rather believing the Bibles narration to be accurate:

  • Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
  • Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
  • Southern Baptist Convention
  • United Church of Christ
  • United Methodist Church
  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Hinduism
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Episcopal Church
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Catholicism (The Catholic church says they accept the theory of evolution as an explanation of the development of life, however, that they think God could have influenced natural selection).

“Not Created the Earth and man? Then you have no claim to it and no right to judge”

The problem is that if God did not create the planet, He has no claim to it. He is just an opinionated invader. That is why God, in the fourth commandment, claim His right to make laws for the planet and thereby judge it. If God is a liar, He has no right to the planet. And that is what most people today believe, that God has no right to judge us. In enters the discovery of The Ark of the Covenant. Ron Wyatt was told by the angel that the ten commandments will be shown to the world. And in those ten commandments, God will bring the great confrontation that challenges all scientists and teachings facilities all over the world, even in Israel, that have been teaching lies. He DID create the world in six days and rested the seventh, and this commandment witness of His claim and His demand tied to the claim, His demand to be our lawgiver. How will the world react to such a claim when it goes against everything they have been taught and are teaching? Every government around the world who has allowed atheism in their school-books, who has by law demanded children at small ages to be taught these ideas? Who has forbidden the teaching of God as the Creator in the public schools? Every nation if the world will be confronted and humiliated. God has a quarrel with them all. Will they, however, do as they did with all these other evidence God provided and reject it? Mock it, ridicule it, call it a deception? How the world will react to God’s last call, we have to wait to see. But no matter what they decide, God is who He is. Owner, King and Judge!

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