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Christ Message to the Churches

 The Bible text is full of layers. Anyone who studies it realizes something new every time reading it. It is impossible to get fully learned, to fully understand it in a lifetime. It is history, prophecy, a puzzle, artistic, and an intelligent constructed piece of literature at the same time as it is straightforward. It […]

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Christ Our Everything

When we walk in the valley of the shadow of death: Christ Is The Truth, The Way, The Life, The Light in the Darkness,The Shepherd, Our Protector, Our Example and Teacher,The Bread, The Giver of the Living Water, The Door, He has The Key, He is Our Atonement, Our Priest,Our Righteousness, Our Clothes, Our Brother, […]

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Satan is up to his old tricks. Don’t walk into his trap. Jeremiah was put in the stocks for this message. I feel the need to have to speak up about an issue that is consuming more and more people. And the more it is consuming people the more worried I get, and I will […]

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WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IT ISN’T. When Jacob came to the land of Canaan with his wives and children he had a promise from God that the land would one day belong to him. God gave him a new name «Israel» (Gen.32:28) However God would not give him the land straight away, he would […]

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If God’s Truth Could be compared to a Tree

As I laid in my bed and was disheartened and distressed by the confusion in the world, wondering how people are to find the truth in the religious chaos, I saw the truth as a tree. God’s truth is like a beautiful tree with fruits of life upon them. Accessible, inviting, and lovely. Good to […]

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Moon Sabbath’s: A forgotten truth or falsehood?

Can God’s law settle this debate? Did God want us to use the new moon to determine when the weekly Sabbath is? It has become more and more popular to adopt the moon-sabbaths instead of the continuous weekly sabbath (Friday evening to Sabbath evening). Many have used historical sources for this way of keeping the […]

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Unhappy citizens in face masks going to work

HISTORY OF PLAGUES AND GOD’S PEOPLE – And the great future pandemic!

I know a lot of people want to hear conspiracy theories, and how Covid-19 is part of a secret plan to control people. In many cases, reading and watching videos on these sorts of things can be more exciting than a plain Bible study. But studying the Bible and the plagues in it gives us […]

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ORDER OF CHAOS – A peaceful New World Order ?

The goddess Tiamat, whos broken body creates the order of the world according to an old myth. The earliest creation story we find in ancient cultures has great similarities Marduk and Tiamat to the theory of evolution. Tiamat was a primordial goddess of the salt sea that in some accounts was prehistoric chaos. She is sometimes identified […]

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Is Jesus coming in 2027, 2028 or 2031 ?

For the past 20 years or so there has been a lot of dates set for the second coming of Christ, and the rapture for those who believe in the pre-tribulation rapture. Jesus said no one is to know the day or hour and His words are used to justify the setting of the year […]

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YOU are Israel. God called you out of Egypt by the blood of the lamb, you entered in a covenant with Him and He taught you His laws and ways. (Exodus-Deuteronomy) As your Christian life with Christ begins, you entered the promised land to dwell as a free citizen under Christ to prosper and thrive […]

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Why God is a Righteous Judge

The heavenly courts and the meaning of eternal damnation. The God of the Bible is often accused of being an unfair judge in the matters of men from people who reject the Bible. Unfortunately, those presenting God as an unfair judge are people of faith. Many of the ideas are emerged from a misunderstanding of […]

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When God said He had chosen Abraham because he “kept the ordinances” many are unaware of what these laws were. However they are described in the same way as what we later know as the Torah, “kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws.” Now the Torah does contain some laws, some known […]

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