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Why believing before seeing, and the Old and the New Covenant.

How many times have we not heard from agnostics and atheists alike that it’s foolishness to believe in a higher being we cannot see? Many are sitting on the fence in regards to their faith because they feel they haven’t seen enough evidence they feel they can build their belief on. A young man once […]

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How did it happen that God’s commandments went from being God’s moral standard for mankind to compete with faith? Evangelicals have for many years been taught that faith alone is required and that even keeping certain parts of God’s law can be insulting to Christ. So how did it happen? Firstly the word «faith alone» […]

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«I don’t regret anything, because it made me who I am today»

I don’t know how many times and by who many people I have heard this saying that has become very popular in our day. However It’s an idea that is in conflict with the biblical message. Repentance is one of the keywords when it comes to our salvation. In fact, it is so important, that […]

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by R.T YOUR RELIGION CAN BE AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP THAT WILL EVENTUALLY CAUSE YOUR DEATH. What is good and what is bad? How many haven’t declared that they sometimes find people in the world kinder than those in the church? Inside the church, you can find envy, competition, strife and sometimes lack of proper politeness. […]

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«I was just following orders»

These words have been used as an excuse throughout all ages. But does God acquit someone who was just following orders? The Bible tells us «no». God has given us all a free mind, to think and reason. The moment we give away this God-given gift to another man or a system, we are not […]

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by R.T The first thing we need to know about the identity of God’s people is that it is again tied to ’knowing God’. Again and again, people have made the claim that God’s people are tied to genetics, flesh and even titles and not behavior conduct. This idea is widespread and has lead to […]

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Christ and His righteousness


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To Separate A People: – Are you invited to God’s feast? (ARMAGEDDON)

Are you wondering if you should go? How does something become holy? Two thing are like glue in a society. Common holy days and similar food traditions. Food unite people. It was not uncommon in ancient times that accepting a meal invitation at someones house was a confirmation of a covenant between the two. In […]

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When the men would not listen to the women. Can we see God fighting for women’s rights in the Bible? Is God’s attitude towards women sometimes different from that of the patriarchs and many Christians today? If a message is spoken by a man it’s must be important, if it’s a woman, not so much. […]

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Doctrines of faith, Assumptions, Manipulation, Sectism and the True Gospel

How in the world can we know what we believe is actually God’s truth? This article is meant as a friendly help to anyone struggling with all the different theological fights among Gods commandment keeping people. By R.Tourniaire. Yes, I know, another one wants to tell you what the truth is. Isn’t there many of […]

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By R.T   Jesus and Sodom: In the Bible we find the story where God decided to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of their sins. The story is dramatic and all the people in four (five) cities are eventually destroyed. The Bible tells us that God let it rain fire and brimstone […]

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«FEAR NOT» For the NEW WORLD ORDER Or the Illuminati

Let me explain why… Ever since youtube first started, conspiracy videos have surfaced, and in the last years even become a trend. Some seek out these videos because they really like everything that appear exiting, others because they have a real fear of future events, and some seek them out to mock and ridicule. Although […]

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