The Ark of the Covenant discovery, is it ‘Adventist-friendly’?

Open Letter to Seventh-Day Adventists
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(This letter was re-uploaded in May 2023 with some language corrections.)

This letter is specifically directed at Seventh-Day Adventists and the Seventh-Day Churches. The claimed discovery of Christ’s blood on the Mercy Seat was made by an active Seventh-Day Adventist. Although Ron tried to cooperate with the church, he eventually got rejected by the leadership and a large portion of his people. We are going to look at why that happened and also some of the theological conflict areas Adventists think they face when they hear about this discovery. Only an intensive study can help us see if this discovery is false or true. Throughout time, God’s own people kept rejecting the messengers sent to them. For that reason, it is essential we learn WHY that happened and how we can avoid making the same mistake, and also how we can tell if something is of God or of the enemy.

Topics in this letter:

*Our Mentality, *The discovery of the Ark first given to the Adventist Church *Prophecies with multiple fulfillments. *The Day of Atonement 1. *Destroying the Adventist pillars? *To the law and to the testimony *Law concerning the sacrifice *Law concerning the blood *A prophet like Moses *The Day of Atonement *Both sacrifice and Priest. *Why could the resurrection take place? *IF He did *Bible prophecies the two sprinklings *Why use the word “anoint” *At the border of the promised land *The Ark to search out a resting place *The Ark of the Covenant had many functions *Can the tables of stone be shown to the world? *What it means to us personally

Question and answer part:

Question 1: Wasn’t the High Priest only allowed into the Most Holy Place once a year? How then could Jesus enter at Passover?
Question 2: How (or) does the Ark discovery fit with the 1888 message?
Question 3: Why are so many crazy people sharing this discovery without the right message?
Question 4: If it was from God, why didn’t God send this message to our leaders and have them properly present it to the Church?
Question 5: Why do many conservative Adventists reject it, aren’t they close to God?
Question 6: These discoveries don’t seem to have anything to do with calling people out of Babylon?
Question 7: Does God ever use archaeology?
Question 8: How can we tell what is of God, and what is of the devil?
Question 9: Was the Ark of the Covenant taken to heaven?
Question 10: Did Ron Wyatt go against 1844?
Question 11: Did Ron claim to be an archaeologist without the proper education, isn’t that deceptive?
Question 12: How can one man find so many discoveries? Doesn’t that make it unlikely?
Question 13: God would never expect us to believe the Ark discovery before it is physically shown?
Question 14: I believe in the Bible, I don’t need these things to believe?
Question 15: This discovery, even if it’s true, means nothing to me personally.
Question 16: How can you so boldly preach this when you haven’t seen the Ark yourself?
Question 17: Who were to take over after Ron Wyatt?
Question 18: Why does God tell about the Ark before He shows it?
Question 19: Why is there only one witness to the Ark, doesn’t it have to be more than one in order for a truth to be established? And why hasn’t God been doing anything, adding any witnesses, since Ron died?
Question 20: I’ve heard some bad rumors about Ron Wyatt’s character, shouldn’t I use that to determine if he has God’s fruits or was telling the truth? Would Christians lie?
Question 21: Maybe Ron was psychologically unstable, and fooled even himself into believing this discovery, that he saw things that «weren’t there»?

Who am I?

I’m not a pastor, I’m not a scholar nor am I a prophet. I’m not even a man. And if this instantly makes you want to disregard this whole letter, I would like to remind you how some of the greatest truths have come from God through simple people. I’m not saying I am one of them, but what I am saying is that there might be something in this letter God would like you to know, and the only way for you to know for sure is to read it. For almost 30 years, I have been acquainted with the discoveries of Ron Wyatt. For a long time, I have had to listen to people talk badly about the man who helped lead me to Christ, and I’ve had to suffer harsh treatment by fellow Christians for believing him. But I know in my heart I did something at the beginning, many others didn’t. I “searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” (Acts 17,11) I didn’t trust anyone else to give me a conclusion. I didn’t ask my pastor to study it for me. I went on my knees, and I said to God: “If this discovery is true, the evidence is in the Bible. If so, show me. And if this discovery is a deception, the Bible can expose it. If so, show me”. Then I got up and opened my Bible. I will present some of the things I discovered. Can I say that I got it all right? No, this letter is not meant to tell you how it absolutely should be interpreted but to present you with some material you yourself can use to pray over and study to find out if some of it might just be right. Remember when Rachel Oakes Preston first addressed the Millerites about the Sabbath, they were too busy to give her any notice. Later, a couple of men decided to see if it weren’t so and accepted her bible study. Then, Ellen White, who at that time had already received visions, was tested to see if she, by study, would receive the Sabbath before receiving a revelation on it. Yes, God wanted even her to learn to study scripture when presented with something new. And she did. Because of the pioneers’ willingness to study and pray to see if «it is so,» the church got its main pillar of faith, the Sabbath, in its very name.
Now, please give me this time and hear me out and gather yourselves together and pray and study. Perhaps you can perfect this study? Maybe you can add to it, or something could be right and something else possibly wrong? When God sends us any light, we are to do this work and study. I cannot gather a large party of elders to study with me on these Biblical topics, so I’m sending it out to you all. It’s now in your hands, please follow the council we have been given and study these things for yourselves. English is my second language, and so this letter is by no means in perfect English. But I hope the meaning will come across just fine.

TO READ THE LETTER CLICK HERE (PDF     Letter_on_Ark_and_Adventists

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  1. I am not an adventist but i believe all of God’s word to be true. I thank our Father in heaven and his Holy Son Jesus for this website and better yet this article. I just got to the part about the Law Concerning The Sacrifice and i am floored because i didn’t see it the way you explained it and it lines up with what Ron Wyatt found. I can’t wait to read more and more importantly study more. I am just noe starting to follow the Lord with my whole heart and i am having to relearn everything i have been taught. Thank you for this, it is truly edifying. May God bless you and keep up the good fight.

    With Love, In Christ

  2. I have only just begun to read your open letter to Adventists, but I can perfectly empathize with the frustration you feel and express when confronted with people who refuse to move forward to better understand the Plan of Salvation. Since watching last October’s (2018) SDA General Conference Annual Council, I have removed myself from SDA membership for the 2nd time. I don’t care what they call themselves, but the SDA GC has now retreated into papal behavior that I cannot deny, nor be a part of, by establishing a limited and limiting ‘creed’ — in its own name — and then appointing ‘compliance committees’ (‘Inquisition’) to enforce that limiting creed’s observance by ‘members in good standing’ throughout the worldwide church. As you clearly understand, this is no way to move forward in true ‘faith’ in the credibility of a living and active Savior. I cannot support the SDA GC as it now continues to ignore the warnings and ‘light’ from God’s messengers for the last 131 years, at least (including Ron Wyatt), and has now become as ‘papal’ as Rome, although it refuses to see and to admit this obvious fact.

    I wish I could imagine that it will ever make a turn-around, but I believe that the ongoing battles between ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ SDAs have distracted all attention away from even desiring forward progress in seeking, or understanding any ‘new light'(they can’t even agree on the ‘old’ Rather, each side seems to see its mission as being the destruction of their opposition. And so it is even stranger to me that both sides often seem to unite in their opinion that ‘Ron Wyatt was a con man’. And yet not strange. Christ’s own ‘house’ or ‘kingdom’ would never choose to ‘fall’ by being divided against itself, like the current SDA church is. If Christ is not accepted in the SDA church, then neither are Christ’s messengers, nor their messages bringing new information. . . and as frustrating as this is to yourself and to myself, try to imagine the offended Christ’s feelings about this ongoing 131-year-old SDA mess !

    • Thank you for commenting. Yes, that Ron Wyatt is a con man seem to be that thing conservative and liberals agree on. They are similar in behavior although not in doctrine.
      This letter isn’t to the GC, although they are welcome to read it. It’s to people that identify as Seventh Day Adventists. There is a lot of good people around the world who are sitting on the “fence” and have been scared to make a decision hearing all the wrong things about this.