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YOU are Israel. God called you out of Egypt by the blood of the lamb, you entered in a covenant with Him and He taught you His laws and ways. (Exodus-Deuteronomy) As your Christian life with Christ begins, you entered the promised land to dwell as a free citizen under Christ to prosper and thrive […]

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The Ark and The Theory of Evolution: Last Confrontation

The governments of the world have endorsed evolution theory in all their learning institutions while removing creationism, what happens when God shows the ten commandments which contains the claim that He created the planet in six days? And how important is creationism in the end time conflict? On this specific topic it will be God […]

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To Separate A People: – Are you invited to God’s feast? (ARMAGEDDON)

Are you wondering if you should go? How does something become holy? Two thing are like glue in a society. Common holy days and similar food traditions. Food unite people. It was not uncommon in ancient times that accepting a meal invitation at someones house was a confirmation of a covenant between the two. In […]

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