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The Ark and The Theory of Evolution: Last Confrontation

The governments of the world have endorsed evolution theory in all their learning institutions while removing creationism, what happens when God shows the ten commandments which contains the claim that He created the planet in six days? And how important is creationism in the end time conflict? On this specific topic it will be God […]

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What the real reason behind the climate changes is, why it will soon get a lot worse and the only thing that can be done about it. From the very beginning man was depended on Higher powers for everything. For food and water, two important lifegiving factors. Jesus used both these things as a symbol […]

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Revelation 14: 144 000, Last messages from heaven to the world and Christ second coming

In Revelation 14 we see the 144 000 again, a specially chosen people who are cleansed. We then are told that in this time, when the beasts areworking their deception, God will send three wide-spread messages tothe world before Christ return. These messages are to prepare people forHis coming. We are already told that 144 […]

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