Who is the Antichrist?


At one point in time, most churches agreed on who the Antichrist was and interpret the prophecy the same way.

Now almost all of these churches have adopted views originated from the same organization that their church fathers warned was the Antichrist. You can ask, how is that even possible? An organization was formed from this power to destroy Protestantism. Part of the method of this organization was to undercover become part of the church leadership and slowly changing the churches understanding of prophecy and theology.

Watch the video above to see some of the many quotes from highly intelligent and educated people in the past revealing the real Antichrist.

Even US presidents tried to fight it’s devastating in infiltration influence of no use. Today the secret organization is hardly ever spoken of or mentioned yet they are one of the most influential and dangerous groups the world has ever seen.

The same organization was the one who tried to convince people that Islam was the antichrist or a Jewish group. Yet they themselves was the only one to fit all of the Bible clues as to the identity of the Antichrist. They also came up with the idea of a future unknown Antichrist ruling for 3,5 years. Most churches don’t even know where their understanding comes from or when the change took place.

Please be educated on this wolf in sheep clothing.

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