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Part 24: The remnant church succeeds the church in the wilderness

Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved? Song of Solomon 8:5. IT WAS a glorious hour when the church came up out of the wilderness. She had done her work well; she had been faithful to her task. She emerged from the wilderness condition to lay the treasures of […]

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Part 10 – How the church was driven into the wilderness

The Goths carried back these Christian captives (from Asia Minor)into Dacia, where they were settled, and where considerable numbers embraced Christianity through their instrumentality. Ulfilas was the child of one of these Christian captives, and was trained in Christian principles. See footnote 1 THE story of the Goths enters strongly into the interpretation of the […]

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Part 9: Papas, first head of the church in asia.

The Nestorian Christians are the small, but venerable, remnant of a once great and influential Christian church. They are the oldest of Christian sects; and, in their better days, were numerous through all the vast regions from Palestine to China; and they carried the gospel into China itself. See footnote 1 IN THE stories of […]

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Revelation 1: Who God is addressing.

The apostle John sits as a prisoner at the island of Patmos when he receives a revelation of the future in symbolic figures or codes, he writes itdown and it’s called the book of Revelation.This was given God’s servants, they who had the commandments of Godand the faith of Jesus. They were not to walk […]

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by R.T The first thing we need to know about the identity of God’s people is that it is again tied to ’knowing God’. Again and again, people have made the claim that God’s people are tied to genetics, flesh and even titles and not behavior conduct. This idea is widespread and has lead to […]

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