The goddess Tiamat, whos broken body creates the order of the world according to an old myth.

The earliest creation story we find in ancient cultures has great similarities to the theory of evolution.

Marduk and Tiamat

Tiamat was a primordial goddess of the salt sea that in some accounts was prehistoric chaos. She is sometimes identified as a sea monster or sea dragon. She is then slain by Enki’s son Marduk and he then forms the heavens and the Earth from her divided body. He creates the earth from chaos.

Instead of a big bang in the universe, they came up with this order from

Bing bang: Order out of chaos.

chaos theory from a sea monster. Later in Mesopotamia and Babylonia, they discarded this and credited creation to their god Enlil. 

Today it is the evolution theory that now believes order was created by chaos.

The God of the Bible is a God of perfect order and He created everything perfect. The creation story says that once God had created it was “complete”

 “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them» (Gen 2:1).

Nothing was partly done in need of an evolution process, of all His creation it is said that it was good and complete. In God’s world perfect order created order. As we know today if you want to accomplish something great you need to use order to accomplish it.

It’s not just in the story of Tiamat and the big bang we see the pagan concept of bringing order out of chaos. We see it among secret societies, the work of dictators, and their likes. The phrase “Ordo Ab Chao,” means literally order from chaos and is the motto of the 33rd degree FREEMASON. It can be found on the grand decorations of the Order of the Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, one of the highest honors and roles which can be bestowed upon a Mason. 

Ordi Ab Chao (Latin for Order from Chaos) has been the motto of the highest-ranked masons. A society many world leaders are involved in or with.

Adolf Hitler, the notorious leader of the German socialist party became Germany’s savior out of the chaos the country was in after World War 2. He was creating jobs, free education, food, health care and more. They now thought of a bright and promising future lifting them out of poverty and humiliation. But Adolf Hitler gaining all his power out of the chaos after world war 1 ended up bringing the country in an even worse disaster by the time his rule ended. And we have seen many examples of it throughout world history. Either after a disaster, war or anything that brings a nation to its knees, they will in desperation look upon anyone bringing them seemingly up from the dark pit they are in, as a savior. They will hand over their rights and freedoms in order to establish what to them seem like salvation. 

The German people didn’t think they greeted and cheered upon a mass murderer, they thought they cheered upon their savior, the one who would restore their society.

Now even from world leaders, we see a desire for greater order in the world.

The idea to first create chaos among people so that they can come with a solution which is their world order is not far off. They know like everyone else that if people are to give up their freedoms under severe governmental control they have to first be afraid and confused. And so they know that they cannot create a new world order without first giving people a sense of chaos.

If chaos first brakes loose people start to FEAR, and when driven by fear and confusion they allow themselves to be ruled over. It is a very simple psychology. Narcissists have done their harm like this in all ages. It’s called gaslighting. In order for them to control someone, they have to make that person not trust themselves or their own perception of the world. The narcissists gain power the more uncertain and confused you are. And the only way for them to manipulate that state upon you is to confuse or make you question your sense of reality. 

But this order or idea of order out of chaos is an illusion. No true order can be built on broken pieces without itself falling apart eventually.
The very first time we see this concept in the Bible is when they build the tower of Babel, one organization to rule the world. It’s built on two fears. The first is the flood, the major catastrophe that hit the earth. The second is the fear of division: “let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. ” (Gen.11:4). God did not approve any one-world government built on fear and built on the need to control people into a false sense of unity.
And humanity never seems to learn this historical fact. This is why often we see countries with dictatorship or extreme authoritarian rule often end up in poverty or rebellion or war and mostly leave its
low-class people in apathy with little ability to advance either themselves or their society. Order cannot be based on the pillar of chaos and survive.

Fear cannot produce peace. Suppression cannot produce freedom. Hate cannot produce love. Discrimination cannot produce acceptance. Hostility cannot produce friendliness. Distrust cannot produce trust. There is no real order to come inspired by temporary chaos, only force, and control with a short time duration until it’s next rebellion.

Don’t sell your freedom today if you need it tomorrow.

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