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The Battle For Planet Earth

The Devil claims it’s his territory because of human decisions to follow his lead and that God is the intruder. Christ claims kingship over the earth by right as Creator and Redeemer. Now let’s look into the conflict and why Christ has waited with taking full control. Satan wants to be ruler here on earth […]

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Revelation 12-14: History of the Spiritual warfare against God’s people

Revelation 12 – Dragon and the woman Every historical line repeated in Revelation end up with Christ return.Now just like in the book of Daniel, this timeline starts all over againwith even more details in the next chapters. This time all the powers aredescribed as beasts and we will learn more about what is behind […]

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The Method And Message

We do not know ahead of time what new light God will give His people, otherwise it wouldn’t be, “new light”. Although this information is hidden from us, God has shown us how to recognize whether new light is from Him or not. As we have emphasized, God’s messages have to be “to the law […]

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