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Part 24: The remnant church succeeds the church in the wilderness

Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved? Song of Solomon 8:5. IT WAS a glorious hour when the church came up out of the wilderness. She had done her work well; she had been faithful to her task. She emerged from the wilderness condition to lay the treasures of […]

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Part 14: The church in Europe after the time of Columbanus.

The real work of the early Irish missionaries in converting the pagans of Britain and central Europe, and sowing the seeds of culture there, has been overlooked when not willfully misrepresented Thus, while the real work of the conversion of the pagan Germans was the work of Irishmen, Winfried or, as he is better known, […]

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Part 13: Columbanus and the church in Europe.

Columbanus proved to be the great avant-courier of the rebirth of civilization in Europe. During the five hundred years that followed there was hardly a generation that did not see the vineyards crowded with Irish laborers, that did not hear the voice of some authoritative personality of the Gael ringing in the ears of princes […]

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Part 12 – Aidan and the church in England.

Not Augustine at Canterbury, but devoted Irish Gaels in every valley of the Heptarchy — Aidan, Finan, Colman, Maeldubh, Diuma and the others — first carried the evangel of Christian culture to the savage English tribes. See Footnote 1 PATRICK in Ireland, Columba in Scotland, and Dinooth in Wales were apostles to a people using the […]

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Part 11 – Dinooth and the church in Wales.

The abbot of the most distinguished British monastery, at Bangor, Neynoch1 by name, whose opinion in ecclesiastical affairs had the most weight with his countrymen, when urged by Augustin to submit in all things to the ordinances of the Roman Church, gave him the following remarkable answer:1 “We are all ready to listen to the […]

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Part 8: Columba and the church in Scotland

Columba possessed a superior education. He was familiar with Latin and Greek, secular and ecclesiastical history, the principles of jurisprudence, the law of nations, the science of medicine, and the laws of the mind He was the greatest Irishman of the Celtic race in mental powers; and he founded in Iona, the most learned school […]

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Part 7: Patrick, organizer of the church in the wilderness in Ireland.

From all that can be learned of him (Patrick), there never was a nobler Christian missionary…. He went to Ireland from love to Christ, and love to the souls of men…. Strange that a people who owned Rome nothing in connection with their conversion to Christ, and who long struggled against her pretensions, should be […]

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A warning to Protestants and conservative evangelicals.

What you don’t know about the development of your end time understanding and how it’s a trap. Your forefathers paved the way for the coming deception that you will face, but you will be given a chance to choose right where they chose wrong. Most protestants agreed at one point that the institution of the […]

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The Ark and Islam – Open letter to muslims

By R.Tourniaire There are several Muslims today who are searching for the Ark of the Covenant, but what if a Muslim has already found it and the Islamic world still have to accept it? What does the Ark of the Covenant mean to a faithful Muslim? I have an interesting quote from one of several […]

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Article is from the book ‘King of The Ark’ by R.Tourniaire Joash was one of the kings of Judah. He descended from a line of idolatrous kings who ruled in both Judah and Israel. When the kingdom was divided between Judah in the south and the ten tribes of Israel in the north, Ahab, the […]

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