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Part 16: The church of the waldenses

The Vaudois (Waldenses) are in fact descended from those refugees from Italy, who, after St. Paul had there preached the gospel, abandoned their beautiful country and fled like the woman mentioned in the Apocalypse, to these wild mountains, where they have to this day handed down the gospel from father to son in the same […]

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Part 15 – Early Waldensian heroes.

Whenever, therefore, in the following sketches, the terms Berengarians, Petrobrusians, Henricians, Arnoldists, Waldenses, Albigenses, Leonists, or the poor men of Lyons, Lollards, Cathari,etc, occur, it must be understood that they intend a people, who agreed in certain leading principles, how ever they might differ in some smaller matters, and that all of them were by […]

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Paulinus of Nola

Part 6: Vigilantius, leader of the waldenses.

” The paganism which so soon began to avenge itself by creeping into the doctrines and practices of the early church has never been altogether eradicated, and has always been ready to become the nucleus of heresy or corruption when faith declined or ardor cooled” (See footnote 1). THE earliest leader of prominence among the […]

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What Is The National Sunday Law the Angel spoke of?

The angels in the chamber guarding the Ark of The Covenant told Ron Wyatt that the tables of stone would be shown to the world after a national Sunday law is legislated. Why does God choose this time and why would He be against a national Sunday law? Sunday are for many people a day […]

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The Ark, the Plagues, the Curse, and the Sunday law.

Understanding the plagues. If we want to understand the meaning of the plagues mentioned in Revelation, we need to do as before, seek answers in the Law and in the Prophets, The Old Testament. In the Bible, nothing is random or without a deeper significance that is possible to discover if we search the scriptures. […]

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