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Open letter to Catholics:

DOES PETER AND THE POPES REALLY HAVE «THE KEYS» TO RULE THE CHURCH OF CHRIST ? .We are going to look at several questions: 1. Were the keys given to Peter or to the evangelical church? 2. Is Peter the «rock» the Church is built upon? 3. Does «the keys» involve the right to change […]

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What Is The National Sunday Law the Angel spoke of?

The angels in the chamber guarding the Ark of The Covenant told Ron Wyatt that the tables of stone would be shown to the world after a national Sunday law is legislated. Why does God choose this time and why would He be against a national Sunday law? Sunday are for many people a day […]

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The Ark, the Plagues, the Curse, and the Sunday law.

Understanding the plagues. If we want to understand the meaning of the plagues mentioned in Revelation, we need to do as before, seek answers in the Law and in the Prophets, The Old Testament. In the Bible, nothing is random or without a deeper significance that is possible to discover if we search the scriptures. […]

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Antichrist - Historical famous people warned you!

Antichrist – Historical famous people warned you!

QUOTE VIDEO Is Antichrist already here and has he infiltrated the church? That was the main view of many different denomination.. now strangly the same denominations have changed their understanding to that once presented by the very power their forefathers warned against. Are the christian world today being fooled by the Antichrist? Did the Antichrist […]

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The Antichrist Misunderstanding

A Satanic secret manipulator or a peacemaker claiming to represent Christ? Can the history of Israel be compared to the history of the Christians? And if so, what can it tell us about the Antichrist? I was born in the mid-70s and got to be a child in the 80s. On the weekends I started […]

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Violation of the constiution

Violation of the constiution

DEFEND YOUR FREEDOM “If this land of boasted liberty is preparing to sacrifice every principle which enters into her Constitution…” Written in 19th century as a warning to the time coming: “Let not one who believes the truth, be silent now. None should be careless now; let all urge their petitions at the throne of grace, […]

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