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«FEAR NOT» For the NEW WORLD ORDER Or the Illuminati

Let me explain why… Ever since youtube first started, conspiracy videos have surfaced, and in the last years even become a trend. Some seek out these videos because they really like everything that appear exiting, others because they have a real fear of future events, and some seek them out to mock and ridicule. Although […]

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Another Bible prophecy being fulfilled? The bible gives us several prophecies of what would happened to certain cities. But the prophecies took a long time to be fulfilled. Tyre In the prophecy about Tyre, south in what is called Lebanon today, we learn how the leader of this city had blasphemed God and made himself […]

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Our film music !

We have had a lot of requests about the possibility of downloading our film-music, especially ‘Out of the Depths’ from our movie Testimony Of The Ark. (All rights belong to us, the three first to our friends and us, please ask us before using it in any production.. thanks!) Out Of The Depths About the […]

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